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    DEA Class;  Rx, OTC

    Common Brand Names; Nix, Elimite, Acticin

    • Scabicidal Agents; 
    • Pediculicides, Topical

    Synthetic pyrethroid used primarily as topical scabicide and pediculicide; residual activity after rinsing; ovicidal; 97-99% cure rate for head lice; better tolerated than lindane; available OTC.

    Indicated for the treatment of pediculosis. For the treatment of pediculosis capitis (head lice infestation).

    For the treatment of pediculosis pubis.

    For pediculosis prophylaxis.
    NOTE: Prophylaxis is only recommended for individuals exposed to head lice epidemics in which at least 20% of the population at an institution are infested and for immediate household members of the infested individuals.

    For the treatment scabies infection, including crusted (Norwegian) scabies. For the treatment of crusted (Norwegian) scabies infection. 


    < 2 months of age (OTC)

    Mild and transient burning and stinging (10%)

    Pruritus (7%)

    May exacerbates itching, swelling, and redness temporarily

    For external use only

    Avoid contact with eyes

    May cause difficulty breathing or asthmatic attack in patients with ragweed allergies

    Pregnancy Category: B

    Lactation: Not known if distributed in breast milk; may temporarily withhold the drug while the mother is nursing

    One application to affected area; do not repeat for >= 7 days.



    • 5%


    • 1%


    • 1%