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DRAP Preparation Mock Exam 2

    DRAP Preparation Mock Exam 2

    DRAP Mock Exam 2 (Forensic Pharmacy)

    Subject: Forensic Pharmacy

          • Questions Type: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
          • Total number of questions: 80
          • Total number of pages: 2 (each contain 50 questions)
          • Total time: 1hr & 20min
          • All questions carry equal marks.
          • There is no negative marking.  
          • Result: After test submission you can see your score and the number of questions attempted and all the questions with their correct answers.


    The Drugs Licensing, Registration & Advertising Rules,1976

    The Drugs (Appellate Board) Rules, 1976

    The Drugs (Import & Export) Rules, 1976

    The Drugs (Federal Inspectors, Federal Drug Laboratory and Federal Government Analysis) Rules, 1976

    Drugs (Specifications) Rules, 1978

    The Drug Research Rules, 1978


    • Start test when you are ready
    • Manage time 


    PEG (Pharmacy Exam Guide) Team

    DrugsDose Team

    Best of Luck

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