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DRAP Preparation Mock Exam 1-2

    DRAP Preparation Mock Exam 1-2

    DRAP Mock Exam 1-2 Combine (Forensic Pharmacy)

    Subject: Forensic Pharmacy

        • Questions Type: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
        • Total number of questions: 100
        • Total number of pages: 2 (each contain 50 questions)
        • Total time: 1hr & 40min
        • All questions carry equal marks.
        • There is no negative marking.  
        • Result: After test submission you can see your score and the number of questions attempted and all the questions with their correct answers.


    DRAP Act 2012

    Drugs Act 1976

    The ethical marketing to healthcare professionals rules 2021.

    The Drugs Licensing, Registration & Advertising Rules,1976

    The Drugs (Appellate Board) Rules, 1976

    The Drugs (Import & Export) Rules, 1976

    The Drugs (Federal Inspectors, Federal Drug Laboratory and Federal Government Analysis) Rules, 1976

    Drugs (Specifications) Rules, 1978

    The Drug Research Rules, 1978


    • Start test when you are ready
    • Manage time 


    PEG (Pharmacy Exam Guide) Team

    DrugsDose Team

    Best of Luck

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