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Palmitic Acid

    Synonyms: Acidum palmiticum; cetylic acid; Edenor C16 98-100; Emersol 140; Emersol 143; n-hexadecoic acid; hexadecylic acid; Hydrofol; Hystrene 9016; Industrene 4516; Lunac P-95; NAA-160; 1- pentadecanecarboxylic acid.

    Description: Palmitic acid occurs as white crystalline scales with a slight characteristic odor and taste.

    Chemical Name: Hexadecanoic acid

    Emulsifying agent; skin penetrant; tablet and capsule lubricant.

    • Palmitic acid is used in oral and topical pharmaceutical formulations. Palmitic acid has been used in implants for sustained release of insulin in rats

    Palmitic acid is incompatible with strong oxidizing agents and bases.

    Palmitic acid is used in oral and topical pharmaceutical formulations and is generally regarded as nontoxic and nonirritant at the levels employed as an excipient. However, palmitic acid is reported to be an eye and skin irritant at high levels and is poisonous by intravenous administration.

    Observe normal precautions appropriate to the circumstances and quantity of material handled. When palmitic acid is heated to decomposition, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are formed.

    Lauric acid; myristic acid; palmitin; sodium palmitate; stearic acid