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Mineral Oil, Light

    Synonyms: 905 (mineral hydrocarbons); Citation; light liquid petrolatum; light white mineral oil; paraffinum perliquidum

    Description: Light mineral oil is a transparent, colorless liquid, without fluorescence in daylight. It is practically tasteless and odorless when cold, and has a faint odor when heated. The USP32–NF27 specifies that light mineral oil may contain a suitable stabilizer.

    Chemical Name: Light mineral oil

    Emollient; oleaginous vehicle; solvent; tablet and capsule lubricant; therapeutic agent.

    • Light mineral oil is used in applications similar to those of mineral oil.

    • It is used primarily as an excipient in topical pharmaceutical formulations where its emollient properties are exploited in ointment bases.

    • It is also used in ophthalmic formulations.

    • Light mineral oil is additionally used in oil-inwater and polyethlylene glycol/glycerol emulsions; as a solvent and lubricant in capsules and tablets; as a solvent and penetration enhancer in transdermal preparations and as the oily medium used in the microencapsulation of many drugs.

    • Light mineral oil is also used in cosmetics and certain food products.

    Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.

    Light mineral oil is used in applications similar to those of mineral oil.

    Mineral oil is considered safe by the FDA for direct use in foods.

    However, oral ingestion of large doses of light mineral oil or chronic consumption may be harmful.

    Chronic use may impair appetite and interfere with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

    It is absorbed to some extent when emulsified, leading to granulomatous reactions.

    Oral and intranasal use of mineral oil or products containing mineral oil by infants or children is not recommended because of the possible danger of causing lipoid pneumonia.

    Observe normal precautions appropriate to the circumstances and quantity of material handled. Since light mineral oil is combustible, it should not be handled or stored near heat, sparks, or flame. Light mineral oil should not be mixed with or stored with strong oxidants. Inhalation of mineral oil vapors may be harmful.

    Mineral oil; mineral oil and lanolin alcohols; paraffin; petrolatum.