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    Synonyms: Meglumin; meglumina; megluminum; 1-methylamino-1-deoxy-Dglucitol; N-methylglucamine; N-methyl-D-glucamine.

    Description: Meglumine occurs as a white to slightly yellow-colored crystalline powder; it is odorless or with a slight odor.

    Chemical Name: 1-Deoxy-1-(methylamino)-D-glucitol

    Organic base.

    • Meglumine is an organic base used as a pH-adjusting agent and solubilizing agent, primarily in the preparation of soluble salts of iodinated organic acids used as X-ray contrast media.

    Incompatible with aluminum, copper, mineral acids, and oxidizing materials. Differential scanning calorimetry studies suggest meglumine is incompatible with glipizide

    Meglumine is widely used in parenteral pharmaceutical formulations and is generally regarded as a nontoxic material at the levels usually employed as an excipient.

    Observe normal precautions appropriate to the circumstances and quantity of material handled. Meglumine should be handled in a well-ventilated environment, and eye protection, gloves, and a respirator are recommended.