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Maltitol Solution

    Synonyms: E965; hydrogenated glucose syrup; Finmalt L; Lycasin HBC; Lycasin 80/55; Maltisorb 75/75; Maltisweet 3145; maltitol syrup; maltitolum liquidum.

    Description: Maltitol solution is a colorless and odorless, clear viscous liquid. It is sweet-tasting (approximately 75% the sweetness of sucrose).

    Chemical Name: Maltitol solution

    Suspending agent; sweetening agent.

    • Maltitol solution is used in oral pharmaceutical formulations as a bulk sweetening agent, either alone or in combination with other excipients, such as sorbitol.

    • Maltitol solution is also used as a suspending agent in oral suspensions as an alternative to sucrose syrup since it is viscous, noncariogenic, and has a low calorific value.

    • It is also noncrystallizing and therefore prevents ‘cap-locking’ in syrups and elixirs.

    • Maltitol solution is additionally used in the preparation of pharmaceutical lozenges, and is also used in confectionery and food products.

    Maltitol solution is used in oral pharmaceutical formulations, confectionery, and food products, and is considered to be less cariogenic than sucrose. It is generally regarded as a nontoxic, nonallergenic, and nonirritant material. However, excessive oral consumption (more than 50 g daily) may cause flatulence and diarrhea

    Observe normal precautions appropriate to the circumstances and quantity of material handled.

    Maltitol; sorbitol.