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Magnesium Stearate

    Synonyms: E553a; synthetic magnesium silicate.

    Description: Magnesium stearate is a very fine, light white, precipitated or milled, impalpable powder of low bulk density, having a faint odor of stearic acid and a characteristic taste. The powder is greasy to the touch and readily adheres to the skin.

    Chemical Name: Octadecanoic acid magnesium salt

    Tablet and capsule lubricant. Tablet Lubricant

    • Magnesium stearate is widely used in cosmetics, foods, and pharmaceutical formulations.

    • It is primarily used as a lubricant in capsule and tablet manufacture at concentrations between 0.25% and 5.0% w/w.

    • It is also used in barrier creams.

    Incompatible with strong acids, alkalis, and iron salts. Avoid mixing with strong oxidizing materials. Magnesium stearate cannot be used in products containing aspirin, some vitamins, and most alkaloidal salts

    Magnesium stearate is widely used as a pharmaceutical excipient and is generally regarded as being nontoxic following oral administration. However, oral consumption of large quantities may produce a laxative effect or mucosal irritation.

    Observe normal precautions appropriate to the circumstances and quantity of material handled. Eye protection and gloves are recommended. Excessive inhalation of magnesium stearate dust may cause upper respiratory tract discomfort, coughing, and choking. Magnesium stearate should be handled in a well-ventilated environment; a respirator is recommended.

    Calcium stearate; magnesium aluminum silicate; stearic acid; zinc stearate.