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Lactose, Monohydrate and Corn Starch

    Synonyms: StarLac.

    Description: a-Lactose monohydrate and corn starch occurs as a white or almost white odorless powder containing 82–88% of lactose monohydrate and 12–18% of corn (maize) starch. It is a free-flowing powder owing to its spherical structure.

    Chemical Name: 

    Directly compressible tablet excipient; disintegrant; tablet and capsule diluent.

    • Lactose monohydrate and corn starch can be used in tablets to improve compressibility, flowability and disintegration properties.

    • It is used in homeopathic and low-dose to mid-dose formulations.

    See Lactose, Monohydrate, and Starch.

    See Lactose, Monohydrate, and Starch.

    Observe normal precautions appropriate to the circumstances and quantity of material handled.

    Lactose, monohydrate; starch.