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    Synonyms: C*PharmIsoMaltidex; E953; galenIQ; hydrogenated isomaltulose; hydrogenated palatinose; IsoMaltidex 16500; isomaltum; Palatinit.

    Description:  Isomalt is a sugar alcohol (polyol) that occurs as a white or almost white powder or granular or crystalline substance. It has a pleasant sugarlike taste with a mild sweetness approximately 50–60% of that of sucrose.

    Chemical Name: Isomalt

    Coating agent; granulation aid; medicated confectionary base; sweetening agent; tablet and capsule diluent

    • Isomalt is a noncariogenic excipient used in a variety of pharmaceutical preparations including tablets or capsules, coatings, sachets, and suspensions, and in effervescent tablets.

    • It can also be used in direct compression and wet granulation.

    • In buccal applications such as chewable tablets it is commonly used because of its negligible negative heat of solution, mild sweetness, and ‘mouth feel’.

    • It is also used widely in lozenges, sugar-free chewing gum, and hard-boiled candies, and as a sweetening agent in confectionery for diabetics

    Isomalt is used in oral pharmaceutical formulations, confectionery, and food products. It is generally regarded as a nontoxic, nonallergenic, and nonirritant material.

    Observe normal precautions appropriate to the circumstances and quantity of material handled. Eye protection, gloves, and a dust mask or respirator are recommended.