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Dimethyl Ether

    Synonyms: Dimethyl oxide; DME; Dymel A; methoxymethane; methyl ether; oxybismethane; wood ether.

    Description: Dimethyl ether is a liquefied gas and exists as a liquid at room temperature when contained under its own vapor pressure, or as a gas when exposed to room temperature and pressure. It is a clear, colorless, virtually odorless liquid. In high concentrations, the gas has a faint ether-like odor.

    Chemical Name: Methoxymethane

    • Dimethyl ether may be used as an aerosol propellant for topical aerosol formulations in combination with hydrocarbons and other propellants.

    • Generally, it cannot be used alone as a propellant owing to its high vapor pressure.

    • Dimethyl ether is a good solvent and has the unique property of high water solubility, compared to other propellants.

    • It has frequently been used with aqueous aerosols. A coarse, wet, spray is formed when dimethyl ether is used as a propellant.

    • Dimethyl ether is also used as a propellant in cosmetics such as hair sprays, and in other aerosol products such as air fresheners and fly sprays.

    • Dimethyl ether is additionally used as a refrigerant.

    Dimethyl ether is an aggressive solvent and may affect the gasket materials used in aerosol packaging. Oxidizing agents, acetic acid, organic acids, and anhydrides should not be used with dimethyl ether.

    Dimethyl ether may be used as a propellant and solvent in topical pharmaceutical aerosols, and is generally regarded as an essentially nontoxic and nonirritant material when used in such applications. However, inhalation of high concentrations of dimethyl ether vapor is harmful. Additionally, skin contact with dimethyl ether liquid may result in freezing of the skin and severe frostbite

    Dimethyl ether is usually encountered as a liquefied gas, and appropriate precautions for handling such materials should be taken. Eye protection, gloves, and protective clothing are recommended. Dimethyl ether should be handled in a well-ventilated environment

    Hydrocarbons (HC).