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    Synonyms: ABIL; dimethylpolysiloxane; dimethylsilicone fluid; dimethylsiloxane; dimeticonum; Dow Corning Q7-9120; E900; methyl polysiloxane; poly(dimethylsiloxane); Sentry

    Description:  Dimethicones are clear, colorless liquids available in various viscosities

    Chemical Name: a-(Trimethylsilyl)-o-methylpoly[oxy(dimethylsilylene)]

    Antifoaming agent; emollient; water-repelling agent.

    • Dimethicones of various viscosities are widely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations.

    • In topical oil-in-water emulsions dimethicone is added to the oil phase as an antifoaming agent.

    • Dimethicone is hydrophobic and is also widely used in topical barrier preparations.

    • Therapeutically, dimethicone may be used with simethicone in oral pharmaceutical formulations used in the treatment of flatulence.

    • Dimethicone is also used to form a waterrepellent film on glass containers.

    Dimethicone is generally regarded as a relatively nontoxic and nonirritant material although it can cause temporary irritation to the eyes. In pharmaceutical formulations it may be used in oral and topical preparations. Dimethicones are also used extensively in cosmetic formulations and in certain food applications

    Observe normal precautions appropriate to the circumstances and quantity of material handled. Dimethicone is flammable and should not be exposed to naked flames or heat.

    Cyclomethicone; simethicone.