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Castor Oil/Trypsin

    DEA Class; OTC

    Common Brand Names; Granulex, Xenaderm, Optase

    • Protectants, Topical

    Prescription only topicals used in wound care; stimulates local circulation, reduce pain/odor, debride necrotic tissue, improve epithelization, and acts as barrier; approved for sunburn, varicose ulcers, dehiscent wounds, decubital ulcers, and debriding of eschar.

    Indicated for treatment of Treatment of Skin Ulcers & Wound Healing


    Transient “burning” sensation upon application

    Skin irritation

    Do not use on fresh arterial clots

    Avoid spraying on eyes

    Do not expose areosol formulation to flame or high temperatures

    Spray is flammable

    In presence of zinc or hemoglobin deficiency wound healing may be delayed

    Pregnancy Category: N/A

    Lactation: N/A


    Maximum dosage information is not available.


    Maximum dosage information is not available.


    Maximum dosage information is not available.


    Safety and efficacy have not been established.

    Castor oil / trypsin


    • (788mg/g)/(90USP)


    • (788mg/g)/(0.12mg)
    • (650mg/g)/(0.1mg)