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Carbonyl Iron

    DEA Class; OTC, Rx

    Common Brand Names; Feosol (Carbonyl Fe), Icar C, Icar Pediatric, Ircon

    • Iron Products

    Replacement of iron stores found in hemoglobin, myoglobin, and enzymes; works to transport oxygen via hemoglobin

    Indicated for

    • Dietary Iron Supplement
    • Iron Deficiency Anemia
    • Prophylaxis of Iron Deficiency


    Hemochromatosis, hemolytic anemia or anemia not associated with iron deficiency

    Peptic ulcer, regional enteritis, ulcerative colitis

    • Constipation
    • Diarrhea
    • Nausea
    • Epigastric pain
    • Dark stools
    • Vomiting
    • Dark stools

    Do not take within 2 hr of oral tetracycline antibiotics

    Not for use in patients receiving frequent blood transfusions

    Avoid in premature infants until their deficient vitamin E stores at birth are replenished

    Avoid administering iron for >6 months except in patients with continuous bleeding or menorrhagia

    May cause increased red cell hemolysis & hemolytic anemia in infants with low serum vitamin E concentrations

    Pregnancy Category: Not available

    Lactation: Excreted in breast milk


    150-300 mg PO q8hr




    • Preterm: 2-4 mg Fe/kg/day PO qDay divided q12hr; not to exceed 15 mg/day  

    • Children: 3-6 mg Fe/kg/day PO qDay divided q12hr


    • Preterm: 2 mg Fe/kg/day PO PO qDay divided q8hr; not to exceed 15 mg/day  

    • Children: 1-2 mg Fe/kg/day PO qDay divided q8hr; not to exceed 15 mg/day

    • Aged >10 years

      • Males: 2 mg/day Fe PO

      • Females: 5 mg/day Fe PO

    Carbonyl iron


    • 45mg (Feosol)
    • 66mg (Ircon)

    oral suspension

    • 15mg/1.25mL (Icar Pediatric)

    tablet, chewable

    • 15mg (Icar Pediatric, Wee Care)

    tablet with vitamin C

    • 100mg iron/250mg vitamin C (Icar C)