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Calcium Silicate

    Synonyms:  Calcium hydrosilicate; calcium metasilicate; calcium monosilicate; calcium polysilicate; Micro-Cel; okenite; silicic acid, calcium salt; tobermorite.

    Description: Calcium silicate occurs as a crystalline or amorphous white or offwhite material, and often exists in different hydrate forms.

    Chemical Name: Calcium silicate

    Adsorbent; anticaking agent; opacifier; tablet filler

    • Calcium silicate is used as a filler aid for oral pharmaceuticals.

    • It has also been used in pharmaceutical preparations as an antacid.

    • The main applications of calcium silicate relate to its anticaking properties, and it has therefore been used in dusting powders and a range of different cosmetic products (e.g. face powders, eye shadow).

    When used in oral formulations, calcium silicate is practically nontoxic. Inhalation of the dust particles may cause respiratory tract irritation.

    Observe normal precautions appropriate to the circumstances and quantity of the material handled. In large quantities, calcium silicate is irritating to eyes, the respiratory system and skin. Gloves, eye protection, a respirator, and other protective clothing should be worn. 

    Calcium diorthosilicate; calcium trisilicate.