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    DEA Class; Rx

    Common Brand Names; Tessalon, Tessalon Perles, Zonatuss

    • Antitussives

    Oral nonnarcotic antitussive agent; chemically related to the ester-type local anesthetics; effective in suppressing cough particularly in cases of chronic cough resistant to opiate agonists; off-label use includes topical application to the oropharynx to obliterate the gag reflex prior to intubation or endoscopy.

    Indicated for the symptomatic treatment of cough.

    For the treatment of intractable singultus (hiccups) unresponsive to standard therapies.
    For topical anesthesia of the oropharyngeal region prior to awake endotracheal intubation or prior to endoscopy.

    Hypersensitivity to benzonatate and related compounds (tetracaine-type topical anesthetics)

    • Hypersensitivity reaction; bronchospasm, laryngospasm, cardiovascular collapse possibly related to local anesthesia from chewing or sucking the capsule or perle
    • Chest numbness
    • Chilly sensation
    • Confusion
    • Constipation
    • Dizziness
    • GI upset
    • Hallucinations
    • Headache
    • Nasal congestion
    • Nausea
    • Pruritus
    • Sedation
    • Skin eruptions

    Keep out of reach of children

    Severe hypersensitivity reactions (bronchospasm, cardiovascular collapse) reported with therapy (possibly related to sucking or chewing the capsule)

    Deliberate or accidental overdose has resulted in death, particularly in children

    Isolated cases of abnormal behavior (mental confusion and visual hallucinations) reported

    Pregnancy category: C

    Lactation: Excretion in milk unknown; use caution


    600 mg/day PO.


    600 mg/day PO.


    600 mg/day PO.


    10 years and older: 600 mg/day PO.
    9 years and younger: Safety and efficacy have not been established.


    Safety and efficacy have not been established.


    Safety and efficacy have not been established.



    • 100mg
    • 150mg
    • 200mg