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Aluminum Hydroxide/Magnesium Hydroxide

    DEA Class; OTC

    Common Brand Names; Maalox

    • Antacids, Combos

    Neutralizes gastric acid, increases gastric pH

    Indicated for

    • Gastric Hyperacidity, Heartburn

    Hypersensitivity to any component

    Aluminum oxide

    • Chalky taste

    • Constipation

    • Fecal impaction

    • Stomach cramps

    • Nausea

    • Vomiting

    • Aluminum intoxication

    • Hypophosphatemia

    • Osteomalacia

    Magnesium oxide

    • Diarrhea

    • Hypermagnesemia

    Prolonged antacid therapy may result in hypophosphatemia; aluminum in antacid may form insoluble phosphate complexes, which may result in decreased phosphate absorption in the GI tract; severe hypophosphatemia may lead to anorexia, malaise, muscle weakness, and osteomalacia

    Prolonged therapy may result in aluminum intoxication or hypermagnesemia, particularly in renal impairment; aluminum intoxication may result in osteomalacia or dialysis encephalopathy

    If used for self-medication, instruct patient to consult their physician before initiating if they are on a magnesium and/or sodium-restricted diet; not to be administered for longer than 14 days

    May increase or decrease rate &/or degree of absorption of concomitantly administered oral drugs by changing GI transit time or by binding the drug

    Pregnancy Category: C

    Lactation: excretion in milk unknown; use caution


    Regular Strength Tablets: Chew 2-4 tablets PO q6hr PRN; not to exceed 16 tablets/day


    < 12 years old: Safety & efficacy not established

    > 12 years old: 10-20 mL PO between meals & qHS

    Aluminum hydroxide/magnesium hydroxide

    oral liquid

    • (200mg/200mg)/5mL