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Almond Oil

    Synonyms: Almond oil, bitter; amygdalae oleum virginale; artificial almond oil; bitter almond oil; expressed almond oil; huile d’amande; oleo de ameˆndoas; olio di mandorla; sweet almond oil; virgin almond oil

    Description: A clear, colorless, or pale-yellow colored oil with a bland, nutty taste.

    Chemical Name: Almond oil

    Emollient; oleaginous vehicle; solvent

    • Almond oil is used therapeutically as an emollient(1) and to soften ear wax.
    • As a pharmaceutical excipient it is employed as a vehicle in parenteral preparations,(2) such as oily phenol injection.
    • It is also used in nasal spray, and topical preparations.
    • Almond oil is also consumed as a food substance

    Almond oil is widely consumed as a food and is used both therapeutically and as an excipient in topical and parenteral pharmaceutical formulations, where it is generally regarded as a nontoxic and nonirritant material. However, there has been a single case reported of a 5-month-old child developing allergic dermatitis attributed to the application of almond oil for 2 months to the cheeks and buttocks.

    Observe normal precautions appropriate to the circumstances and quantity of material handled.

    Canola oil; corn oil; cottonseed oil; peanut oil; refined almond oil; sesame oil; soybean oil.